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Pilot Team has a systematic approach to analyzing manufacturing costs and related processes. New Product Development Team works directly with customers to understand specific product needs and then make recommendations for the manufacturing process that achieves the highest quality product at the lowest possible cost.

Pilot Team focuses on integrated metallurgy and value engineering approach including

Market Expertise

Our Experienced and Competent Marketing Team helps customers meet their compliance considering our experience in high- specification markets like oil and gas, food and pharma, metal Industries, and the Auto sector.


Conversion Assistance

High-quality parts, low tooling costs, and the ability to convert fabrications, assemblies, or weldments into one-piece castings are just a few of the benefits you can achieve with the investment castings process.

Alloy selection

PILOT pours 155 plus ferrous and non-ferrous alloys grades, including the customer’s specific grades. Our metallurgists work directly with customers to select alloys that meet the most demanding product and their mechanical properties.

Casting Process Selection

Our engineers use the latest computer modeling tools CAD to help customers determine sound castings fit their specific product needs.

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